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Costume sketch for Macduff

What does a costume supervisor do?

A costume supervisor is responsible for interpreting the designer's costume designs and then turning them into reality. The supervisor manages the production of all the costumes, whether they be made from scratch or bought and altered, in addition to footwear, millinery and accessories and even wigs and makeup. The range of responsibility is broad, from initial fabric purchasing, working with costume makers to overseeing fittings, and talking with the actors and designer to realise the character and the story of the play. The supervisor works with the designer to ensure the costumes not only look as intended but also work for the actor.

It is the costume supervisor's responsibility to make sure that by the first day of performance, the director and designer are pleased, the costumes fit and the actors are happy! It is also my responsibility to make sure that the wardrobe department is fully informed to manage the costume changes during the show, as well as the maintenance of the costumes during the run of the production.

The supervisor manages the costume budget and keep detailed information about the production of the costumes in the case of repair or revival of the show at a later date.


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