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Text in Performance

Costume sketch for Macbeth

How do the costume supervisor and the designer work together?

The designer and supervisor work extremely closely and it is a very important relationship. The designer usually has been working on the designs for some time before the supervisor would start on the production and the supervisor needs to quickly understand the direction the designer wants to go. There then follows detailed conversations based on the costume drawings, discussing the best way to achieve the desired result. As the supervisor controls the budget, there is usually some discussion over where to spend the money and what the best options are given any financial restrictions. The designer usually depends on the supervisor to have a good technical knowledge and to be able to oversea the production of the costumes on a detailed level, working with other departments to make sure everything works successfully.

The design concept for this year's production of Macbeth is quite a mix of styles. It is set in a world that has a varied language for costume and we are mixing periods such as the 1930's and 40's with modern military wear. It is all about communicating the story in a clear and interesting way and helping the actors form their character in a way that is easy for the audience to read.


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