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Building the new Globe

Theo Crosby was the architect of Shakespeare's Globe. A founding partner of Pentagram Design Ltd, he became involved in the Globe project in 1969 and began designs for the site in 1986. He died in 1994. Since then, his work has been continued by Jon Greenfield, who first joined the project in 1987.

Archaeological excavations, panoramas, maps, building contracts, contemporary accounts and remaining buildings have each contributed to a body of knowledge that informed the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre. There are no remaining plans or construction drawings that clearly depict the form of the theatre itself.

Key facts:

The Globe Theatre is 33ft high to the eaves (45ft overall)

6,000 bundles of Norfolk Water Reed were used on the Globe's roof

36,000 handmade bricks were used

90 tons of lime putty were used for the Tudor brickwork

180 tons of lime plaster went into the outer walls

168,000 metres of oak laths were used for both sides of the walls

The Globe's pillars, which hold up the roof over the stage, are 28ft high and weigh a total of 3 tonnes


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