Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank


Text in Performance

Image of Yolanda Vazquez - Text and Space Coach

What does a text and space coach actually do?

As the text and space coach I go through the text with the actors individually, talking through anything they don’t understand, anything that they’re slightly confused about. Where there have been cuts to the text I might explain where the thoughts are going within those cuts. Also I go through the rhythms with them, helping them with their breathing, explaining where they should breathe in order to keep the thought going or the line going. That’s all on the text side. The rhythm of the text is very important, and that’s one of the main things that I’ve done on this particular production of Macbeth.

Then when it comes to the space it is my job to make sure that when the actors are up on the globe stage they are using the theatre as theatre in the round and not falling into the traps of playing to a proscenium arch. I coach them in their use of the pillars on the Globe stage; they must move around them bringing in all of the people that are coming to see the shows from every single part of the audience. So it’s not just playing to the front, or to where we think the most important seats are or to the seats with the best view, but instead playing to the right, to the left, to the back and to all the 3 levels of the Globe theatre so that you’re aware of everyone in the space.


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