Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank


Text in Performance

What are the stage management team responsible for?

The stage management team is responsible for making sure that all the practical aspects of the show happen at the right time with the right people with everything on the stage that’s meant to be there. Individually, however, we all have very different roles.

The Company Stage Manager is the most important person who oversees everything. He makes sure that all of the actors are where they are meant to be and that they are happy. He does the payroll so that all the actors get paid (very important!), and he also sorts out press interviews so that we can publicise the show. The company stage manager supervises the deputy stage manager and the assistant stage manager as well.

Whenever there is a rehearsal going on, the Deputy Stage Manager will be there; she is a key source of communication and makes notes about changes and developments to the production for other departments, like props or costumes. She is also there to support the director and the actors by making sure that everything is running smoothly, as it can be quite an intense process.

The role of the Assistant Stage Manager is primarily to source all the props, furniture and set dressing for the show. We try and create the same scenario in the rehearsal room, so we do the scene changes to practise them for when we do the show. He also helps the other two stage managers when they are working on other things.


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