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Is stage management at the Globe different from other theatres?

The Globe theatre is unique because obviously there are no lighting and sound systems. So, in a normal theatre, the deputy stage manager would be telling the light and sound crew when to do all the lighting cues and the sound, but there isn’t any need for that here. Instead, all of the stage management team will have cues to do throughout the show. So, one of us might have to come on stage, set a bed, then go off and open the door for an actor, then help with a quick change, or tidy away something. To make it consistent, we do the same thing in the same order for every performance. And, because it is the Globe, there is no way of disguising us when we come on to change a scene, so we are all in costume to try and make us part of the action. Normally you might be able to come on in a blackout but in this production, we’ve actually choreographed it so that it all looks neat and tidy. So hopefully, if everything goes well, you don’t really notice us, but if it goes really wrong (which sometimes shows do!), we would try to sort that out as well … but you might notice us then!


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