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Character & Motivation

The Murderers headshot

The Murderers


My Motto(s)
  • I am reckless what I do, to spite the world (3.1.109-110)
Also Called
  • slave (3.3.18)
  • the best o’ th’cut-throats (3.4.16)
  • shag-hair’d villain (4.2.81-82)
My Quotes:

I am one, my Liege, Whom the vile blows and buffets of the world Hath so incens’d, that I am reckless what I do, to spite the world. (3.1.107-110)

And I another So weary with disasters, tugg’d with fortune, That I would set my life on any chance, To mend it, or be rid on’t. (3.1.110-113)

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The murderers are hired by Macbeth to kill his enemies, without drawing attention to him. They believe themselves to be treated unfairly by the world and Macbeth exploits this. He convinces them that Banquo is the cause of their problems and should be murdered, along with his son. They do so, although Fleance escapes. When they deliver this news to Macbeth, he is worried, but tells them he has another task for them. This task turns out to be the murder of Macduff's wife and children.

O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall

  1. Whither should I fly?
    I have done no harm. But I remember now
    I am in this earthly world, where, to do harm
    Is often laudable ... why then, alas!
    Do I put up that womanly defence,
    To say, I have done no harm? What are these faces? (4.2.72-75, 77-78)

  2. Thanks for that. -
    There the grown serpent lies; the worm, that's fled,
    Harth nature in time will venom breed,
    No teeth for th'present. - Get thee gone; to-morrow
    We'll hear ourselves again. (3.4.27-30)

  3. Thou art the best o’th’cut-throats (3.4.16)

  4. let's away,
    And say how much is done. (3.3.21-22)

  5. O, treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly!
    Thou may'st revenge - O slave! (3.3.17-18)

  6. I will advise you where to plant yourselves,
    Acquaint you with the perfect spy o' the time,
    The moment on't; for't must be done to-night,
    And something from the palace. (3.1.128-131)

  7. Both of you
    Know, Banquo was your enemy. (3.1.113-114)