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Character & Motivation

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My Motto(s)
  • I am not treacherous. (4.3.18)
Also Called
  • The good Macduff (2.4.20)
  • Sinful Macduff! (4.3.224)
  • Child of integrity (4.3.115)
  • The Thane of Fife (4.1.72)
My Quotes:

I have no words; My voice is in my sword (5.8.6-7)

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Macduff is a loyal thane in Duncan’s service. Unlike the treasonous Macbeth, Macduff is completely loyal to Duncan and his son Malcolm. He discovers Duncan’s body, and he soon becomes suspicious of Macbeth. Fearing Macbeth’s vengeance, he flees to England to support Malcolm in his assault on Macbeth. However, this leaves his castle, wife and children undefended, and Macbeth has Macduff’s family killed. This spurs on his anger and desire to restore Scotland. Macduff is finally able to kill Macbeth as he was, as the witches’ prophecy stated, “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped”.

O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall

  1. Lay on, Macduff;
    And damned be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’ (5.8. 33-4)

  2. I’ll not fight with thee. (5.8. 22)

  3. Of all men else I have avoided thee. (5.8. 4)

  4. Let’s make us medicines of our great revenge
    To cure this deadly grief. (4.3. 214-5)

  5. Your castle is surprised, your wife and babes
    Savagely slaughtered. To relate the manner
    Were on the quarry of these murdered deer
    To add the death of you. (4.3.204-7)

  6. Let not your ears despise my tongue for ever,
    Which shall possess them with the heaviest sound
    That ever yet they heard. (4.3.201-3)

  7. This noble passion,
    Child of integrity, hath from my soul
    Wiped the black scruples, reconciled my thoughts
    To thy good truth and honour. (4.3. 115-7)

  8. Why in that rawness left you wife and child
    (Those precious motives, those strong knots of love),
    Without leave-taking? –I pray you,
    Let not my jealousies be your dishonours,
    But mine own safeties: you may be rightly just,
    Whatever I shall think. (4.3.26-8)

  9. Wisdom! To leave his wife, his babes,
    His mansion, and his titles, in a place
    From whence himself does fly? He loves us not. (4.2.5-8)

  10. The castle of Macduff I will surprise,
    Seize upon Fife, give to the edge o’the sword
    His wife his babes, and all unfortunate souls
    That trace him in his line. (4.1. 149-152)

  11. Let’s briefly put on manly readiness,
    And meet i’th’hall together. (2.3.131-2)

  12. Dear Duff, I pr’ythee, contradict thyself,
    And say, it is not so. (2.3.86-8)

  13. What’s the business,
    That such a hideous trumpet calls to parley
    The sleepers of the house? speak, speak! (2.3.79-81)